Main Products
USB 3.1 type-C female / male
Designed for the next generation of high-speed data transmission and charging applications, with a lifespan of more than 10,000 times
USB2.0 female / male
A wide range of Zener, Schottky and switch options, ultra-small, ultra-thin label packaging options
Micro female / male
It is very suitable for I / O applications in various consumer and industrial equipment, and has a reliability of up to 10000 matching loops.

Product definition

The company focuses on the development of enterprises and industry trends, reshapes the product strategy and product definition that is suitable for enterprise strategy and more competitive power of the industry, so as to realize the commercial value of products.

Product development

Our product innovation has strong realizability, the guarantee of function R & D can realize product definition, and our innovation R & D has perfect R & D process.

Product design

Our innovative product design can systematically interpret the product positioning, take the future trend of connector as the guidance, and ensure the realization of product mass production, so that customers are satisfied and practical.